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Presence In Sobriety With Harm Reduction w/Claudian Christian

April 05, 2022 Shelby Season 2 Episode 29
Confident Sober Women
Presence In Sobriety With Harm Reduction w/Claudian Christian
Show Notes

Claudia is an actress, speaker, author and Sinclair Method advocate. She is also a woman in long term sobriety who found freedom through the use of harm reduction.

Claudia started out as a normal social drinker but turned into a binge drinker and realized she had a problem.  She went through many different programs and tried all different kinds of therapies and treatments, but her cravings remained debilitating. 

In 2009 went through medical detox that used the Sinclair Method–taking the opiate blocker Naltrexone before drinking alcohol to block reinforcement in the brain and decrease desire to drink alcohol. Three months into the Sinclair Method she completely forgot about alcohol. Used it for “harm reduction” and continued to drink occasionally for the first nine years before she decided to use it to get sober. 

We discuss the monetization of addiction in America (the revolving door model–people perpetually going through expensive treatment programs and then relapsing), and how the low cost of the generic drug Naltrexone is not lucrative for Big Pharma. 

We share how having a sense of “emotional sobriety”--keeping the joy within us even when things in life get hard is critical.  Being sober means being present with our emotions and being able to better heal from loss. 

You can find Claudia at C 3 Foundation or email her at

Claudia made a documentary: One Little Pill on Amazon- website: 

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