Confident Sober Women

Socializing Without Alcohol w/Courtney Anderson

April 19, 2022 Shelby Episode 74
Confident Sober Women
Socializing Without Alcohol w/Courtney Anderson
Show Notes

Courtney is a woman in recovery, a Sober Coach, podcast host and super fun.  She is also a wife and cat mom to Fiona.  

Courtney believes in keeping many different tools in our toolbox for when life gets hard/uncomfortable. She worked in the restaurant industry before getting sober and would have anxiety and panic attacks when going out with her husband on weekend nights. 

Until she came up with “60 minute rule” for going out for social events. A lot of anxiety rises to the surface when you get sober, but you don’t get sober to completely stop participating in social events. 

We shared about how friendships change/evolve. You lose some friends and gain others. Friends are not being offensive when they ask if it’s okay to drink in front of you–they are respecting you. 

Their social life is one of the main reasons people don’t quit drinking , “What will my friends say?” But what if your friend(s) has a problem, too and needs that encouragement? You might be their introduction to recovery. 

When you’re drinking, your world is limited–when you become sober, your world grows. You can have fun without alcohol, alcohol is just a crutch for many people.

Courtney is a member of the Confident Sober Women Facebook group so you can connect with her there. You can also find her at and on Instagram @sober.vibes.  

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