Confident Sober Women

Drinking Alcohol Free w/Faye Lawrence

April 26, 2022 Shelby Episode 75
Confident Sober Women
Drinking Alcohol Free w/Faye Lawrence
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Show Notes

Faye didn’t realize that there were people who just don’t drink because they don’t want/like to (not because they’re in recovery). But it's true. 

On thing we know for sure is alcohol stunts emotional maturity at age you start drinking. Once you’re out of early sobriety (around a year) you start doing more work in growing and making changes–in thinking patterns, socializing, recognizing who are supportive vs. toxic people in our lives, developing strategies for day to day living. 

It takes work to relearn and reparent ourselves, this is a huge part of emotional sobriety. Friendships change and some are not able to transition. Very often we find there is a grieving period for many people, grieving their old lives. 

We discussed alcohol-free products and how they can be triggering for people in recovery but great for grey area drinkers/sober curious people, especially for social situations. We are hardwired to be social and connect with other people and social anxiety also plays a role. It’s important to be able to socialize without alcohol.

Faye created Untoxicated a group for anyone who wants to socialize without alcohol. You can learn more about it on their website,  or,  on on Instagram @untoxicated_aus.

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If you aren't part of the Confident Sober Women Facebook group, it's a great place to be. There are over a thousand other sober women there building lives they don't want to escape from. Come on over and join us.

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