Confident Sober Women

Alcohol Free Beverages w/Laura Silverman

May 03, 2022 Shelby Episode 76
Confident Sober Women
Alcohol Free Beverages w/Laura Silverman
Show Notes

When Laura got sober she had to change the way she socialized and her circle of friends. She realized who were drinking buddies and who were true friends. It took her about a year to start socializing alcohol free. 

She was in a season where she was going to lots of weddings, many of which didn’t have beverage options for non-drinkers. She started to ask ahead of time if there would be options and people were always willing to accommodate–don’t be afraid to ask! For smaller social gatherings bring your own beverage. 

Things like “Dry January” give people a socially acceptable reason to take a break from drinking. There are many reasons for people not to want to drink, hopefully, there continues to be an increase in non-alcoholic options at events. 

First-year of Covid gave people the opportunity to explore sober curiosity since they weren’t going out. There are so many options today for people who want to get sober or quit drinking. Alcohol-free drinks can be triggering for those in recovery, but a great option for sober curious people. 

Laura created Zero Proof Nation–a resource hub/directory of anything non-alcoholic, zero-proof, low ABV (alcohol by volume).

You can find Laura on Instagram @Wearesober.

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