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Boundaries In Love And Sex Addiction w/Brianne Davis

May 17, 2022 Shelby Episode 78
Confident Sober Women
Boundaries In Love And Sex Addiction w/Brianne Davis
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Show Notes

Brianne Davis is a powerhouse female in the entertainment industry in both film and television. She has over 12 years of recovery as a Sex and Love Addict, and hosts the popular personal journal podcast “Secret Life.” Her debut novel, “Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict,” hit the best-sellers list on Amazon earlier this year.

Brianne and I talk about emotional addiction–getting drunk on the chemical reactions that happen in your brain in certain situations/with people. We know that childhood trauma contributes to these triggers and addictions and you can be addicted to a person/people.

Brianna talks about her experience with emotional incest: when a parent rapes a child of their energy. We discuss setting and sticking to healthy boundaries in relationships and other areas of our lives. She would drain people of all their energy trying to get her needs met.  If you want to dive more into boundaries check out my course Creating Healthy Boundaries! Click the link for more information.

When you’re in recovery of any kind, you have to wake up every day and recommit. This requires doing the inner work to figure out how you want people to show up for you.  You can connect with Brianne on Instagram (@thebriannedavis @secretlifenovel @secretlifepodcast), website, podcast, TikTok @the.briannedavis

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Resources mentioned:
40 SLAA Self Diagnose Questionnaire
The You You’ve Never Met by Dr. Andrea Vitz

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