Confident Sober Women

Holistic Health In Sobriety w/Michelle Dixon

July 12, 2022 Shelby Episode 86
Confident Sober Women
Holistic Health In Sobriety w/Michelle Dixon
Show Notes

Michelle Dixon is yoga teacher and holistic health coach that focuses on grounded health and wellness.   She has a thriving holistic health YouTube Channel.

Not everybody who is struggling with substance abuse has a life that is completely falling apart–sometimes everything appears normal and even good on the outside.

Having yoga in her life allows her to connect to her inner peace. We talk about the fact that spirituality and religion are not the same.  Michelle is able to use yoga to connect with herself on a deeper level in sobriety.

When you improve one area of your life (physical, spiritual, financial health, etc.) it bleeds over into the other areas leading to overall improvement. Yoga has helped her slow down her thoughts and decrease impulsivity, as well as increase self-awareness.

You can find Michelle on her YouTube Channel.

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