Confident Sober Women

Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Finding Hope through Spirituality in Recovery w/Hope Andersen

August 02, 2022 Shelby Episode 89
Confident Sober Women
Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Finding Hope through Spirituality in Recovery w/Hope Andersen
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Show Notes

Hope Andersen is a published poet, memoirist, and novelist who got sober in 1981 through a 12-step program. In her first few years of recovery from her alcohol addiction, she started focusing on other addictions (food addiction and addiction to men). She experienced manic depression after having children  and experiencing trauma with the death of her mother and father, had a suicide attempt, and learned that she had bipolar disorder--yet she remained sober and got the help she needed with proper treatment and medication.  After losing her sense of self, she turned to her Higher Power for guidance and was called to write. She has since written six books and numerous screenplays.

We discussed the similarities of recovering from both alcoholism and bipolar disorder. Self care, living in a routine, and learning to trust yourself are vital components to any kind of recovery. Hope shares of her first spiritual awakening in her 20s when she desperately reached out to her Higher Power for help, and she shares that she continues to have spiritual awakenings every day--which are about growing, changing, and becoming the "you" you want to be. We also discussed the importance of meditation to find that spiritual connection in sobriety.

You can find Hope on Facebook on her personal page, or her author page: Hope Anderson - Author.

Check out her six books on Amazon:
When the Moon Winks
Where the Wind Blows
How to Remodel a Life
Postcards from a Loving God

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