Confident Sober Women

Living in Alignment With Our Core Values w/Lisa Smith

August 16, 2022 Shelby Episode 91
Confident Sober Women
Living in Alignment With Our Core Values w/Lisa Smith
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Show Notes

Lisa is the author of the memoir Girl Walks Out of a Bar as well as the cohost of the podcast Recovery Rocks. She had a 12 year descent into an alcohol and cocaine addiction, but hid her addiction and would have been known as a "high-functioning alcoholic". She checked herself in to an outpatient program as well as attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and finally felt that she was at home and could live honestly in those spaces.

Lisa and I discussed our callings to speak out and share our stories as a way to help others who have alcoholism in their lives in some way. We also talked a lot about personal core values: When we live in alignment with our personal core values, we attract the right people in our lives; and if our core values are already established and we are living in alignment with them then it is much easier not to derail when things in life get hard. As a recovery coach, Lisa realized that if she was going to help others find their core values, then she needed to discover her own--so she started working to identify those herself and learned that service was of great value to her.

Another important discussion was about asking ourselves questions to gain a better understanding of ourselves, such as: "What am I making this decision for?" or "What am I afraid of?" We also talked about the importance of self-awareness and spirituality in recovery, as well as making time for meditation, praying, etc. in our routine.

You can find Lisa on her website: or on Instagram: @girlwalksout. You can also email her at

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