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Core Values and Turning Trials into Treasures w/Tamika Thomas

August 23, 2022 Shelby Episode 92
Confident Sober Women
Core Values and Turning Trials into Treasures w/Tamika Thomas
Show Notes

Tamika Thomas is a transparent author, podcaster, life coach, and inspirational speaker. Addiction was a large part of the generational trauma that took place in her family and played a big role in her life during childhood. As an adult and former alcoholic now in recovery, she went to school to become a drug and alcohol counselor but ultimately moved to prevention and early intervention. 

Tamika believes that core values are a way for us to be, do, and have everything we need in our lives. She shares that her biggest personal core values are: living to inspire--not impress, lifting as she climbs, and turning her trials into treasures. We discussed people pleasing and co-dependency--common traits of children of addicts--and their effects on relationship building, as well as trauma bonding. 

We talked about ways to discover our personal core values, one of which is to take a calendar or financial inventory, and about what happens when we are not living in alignment with our core values: we may experience anxiety, depression, etc. which can manifest physically in our bodies at times. We also discussed the important fact that as we evolve in recovery, our values may change.

You can find Tamika on Instagram @tamika_thomas_ as well as visit her website

Find the book we discussed in this episode, The Body Keeps the Score, here.

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