Confident Sober Women

Fitness, Nutrition, and Becoming a Runner w/Martha Hughes

August 30, 2022 Shelby Episode 93
Confident Sober Women
Fitness, Nutrition, and Becoming a Runner w/Martha Hughes
Show Notes

Martha Hughes is a sober woman, runner, fitness expert, and podcaster. She got sober not because of the bad experiences she had with alcohol (though she did have them), but because she was bored of doing the same things over and over again. One day she decided to take the leap and start attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and get an AA sponsor, and has since never looked back.

Martha shares that getting sober did not solve all her problems, but it made her problems solvable. It was after she got sober that she really became serious about her running. She shares about her running podcast, Martha Runs the World, which covers all topics related to running and features many every-day runners as guests.

Martha and I talk about the negative thinking patterns that can sometimes show up with our exercise routines in both active addiction as well as in recovery, and how to eliminate them. She also shares how having a perfectionist parent affected her self-image and self-love in a negative way. We discuss how to "deal with life on life's terms" and how to be responsive instead of reactive when life gets hard.

We also discuss nutrition and weight management not only as sober women, but as middle-aged women in general. Martha also shares her upcoming long distance running plans, as well as gives great tips for those who want to start running.

You can find Martha on her website

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