Confident Sober Women

Abandonment, Pregnancy Loss, and Negative Thinking Patterns w/Martha Krejci

September 06, 2022 Shelby Episode 94
Confident Sober Women
Abandonment, Pregnancy Loss, and Negative Thinking Patterns w/Martha Krejci
Show Notes

Martha Krejci is a sober woman in long-term recovery, a business strategist, author, and motivational speaker. While Martha had a good upbringing, she did experience childhood trauma that resulted in abandonment issues when her older sister--who played a large part in raising her--left for college when she was a young child. She used alcohol as a way to help her overcome being an introvert and experiencing social anxiety and awkwardness in hopes of keeping people from leaving her.

Martha shares her story about pregnancy loss and blaming her alcoholism for her miscarriage, which ultimately motivated her to quit drinking cold turkey. She let go of the negative thoughts and viewed herself as a strong woman--a superhero--making the choice to create a healthy womb for a baby to grow in. Her husband was an incredible support to her, and we talked about the need to have support and connection from people while in recovery.

Martha and I discussed the negative thinking patterns and self-talk that can sometimes take over and make us believe things about ourselves that are not true--and the importance of being able to recognize that these thoughts are irrational as well as see the positive, true things about us. We also talked about being able to recognize when negative thoughts are coming from emotion or logic, and making sure we are being part of the solution to our negative experiences as opposed to contributing to the problem.

You can find Martha in her Facebook group: Families Creating Legacies with Martha Krejci, or on her website

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