Confident Sober Women

Rewiring Your Brain w/Mindi Huebner

September 13, 2022 Shelby Episode 95
Confident Sober Women
Rewiring Your Brain w/Mindi Huebner
Show Notes

Mindi Huebner is a sober woman and a mindset mastery coach. She comes from a long line of alcoholics, and though she never thought of herself as an alcoholic, she decided one day that she didn't like who she was or how she felt when she drank, so she made the choice to get sober.

Mindi shares an important reminder that it's not about what you're giving up, but rather about what you are gaining when you let go of what no longer serves you. We discuss the loss of control that occurs when drinking alcohol, and how being a "control freak" is not always a negative thing. 

We also talk about how drinking alcohol is a coping mechanism and about opening our minds to finding new coping strategies--which only happens when we make a conscious choice to do so. She shares that we must train our brains to recognize the gains, otherwise we will only see the losses.

Mindi also shares the sentiment that the choice to change occurs when the pain of the known is greater than the pain of the unknown, and we discuss the importance and the challenges of embodying the person we want to be in order to become that person.

You can find Mindi on Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also check out her free guided meditation for mental rehearsal at

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