Confident Sober Women

The Importance of Emotional Sobriety w/Dr. Andrea Vitz

October 11, 2022 Shelby Episode 99
Confident Sober Women
The Importance of Emotional Sobriety w/Dr. Andrea Vitz
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Show Notes

Dr. Andrea Vitz is the founder and CEO of Levelheaded Doc and the primary developer of Emotional Sobriety (EMSO) Training, as well as the author of the book The You You've Never Met and a doctor of chiropractic.

While Dr. Andrea has never had a problem with substance abuse, she did struggle with being attention-seeking, dishonest, manipulative, and controlling--and she became involved in the world of alcoholism and sobriety when her step-father died from alcoholism. It was then that she started to develop more self-awareness and realized that we are all addicted to our emotions and in need of emotional sobriety.

Dr. Andrea shares her definition of emotional sobriety: to sustain a constant level of peace, clarity, and levelheadedness. She believes the one thing a person must have in order to achieve emotional sobriety is desire, and that emotional insobriety is the primary problem in our society because of the power and contagiousness it has.

We discuss how to discover our emotionally intoxicated identities in order to combat the negative thoughts and overcome trauma--which is then followed by us recreating our identities and becoming the people we truly are and want to be. We also talk about the difference between being "clean" from drugs and alcohol, and being truly sober. Dr. Andrea also shares with us some of the components of her Emotional Sobriety training. 

You can find Dr. Andrea on her website, or email her at

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