Confident Sober Women

Self Identification in Sobriety w/Megan Peters

October 25, 2022 Shelby Episode 101
Confident Sober Women
Self Identification in Sobriety w/Megan Peters
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Show Notes

Megan Peters is a sober woman, a writer, photographer, and a podcaster. She started out as a social drinker, but her relationship with alcohol turned into something much more lonely and she began to really struggle with her identity. She was inspired to get sober by other sober women, and has now been in recovery for nine years.

Megan and I talk about labels and identifications as women who have struggled with alcoholism, and she shares how she identifies herself now--as an imperfect human doing her best. Megan tells us that one of the biggest things to happen for her in sobriety has been learning who she is and what she really likes.

We discuss learning how to trust and listen to yourself and your intuition, and we also talk about rediscovering the things we loved to do as children and bringing them back into our lives as adults. You can find Megan on Instagram or on her website

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