Confident Sober Women

100 Episode Celebration w/Three very special guests!

October 18, 2022 Shelby Episode 100
Confident Sober Women
100 Episode Celebration w/Three very special guests!
Show Notes

100 Episodes of the Confident Sober Women podcast. I still can’t believe it.

Someone with more knowledge of this stuff than me told me that only 10% of podcasters make it to 100 episodes and only 1% make it to 200! Wow if that isn’t motivating I don’t know what is!

So this is cause for celebration. 

In this episode, I meet with three of my most downloaded guests to get an update on what has been going on since their episode when live.

Our first guest is Jean McCarthy. I first talked with Jean on Episode 21 about Simple Daily Habits on February 17, 2021. Jean is the creator of The Bubble Hour podcast which has 256 episodes (including one with me Season 9, Episode 2) and 4 million downloads. WOW. She is also the author of The Unpickled books with a new one coming out in November, you can check them out right on her website

Jean shares some real-life struggles she has had since our time together and how she has been dealing with the big emotions, while also staying sober and building her business. I am so thankful for Jean’s work and all she is doing to advocate for everyone in the recovery community. 

Next, is Deb Masner, who appeared March 1, 2022 on episode 67 called The Positive Parts Of Not Drinking. Deb is the creator of Alcohol Tipping Point where she supports women who are questioning their drinking and might be ready to take a break. She created what she calls the Alcoholiday and offers resources as well as a podcast. You can check out our conversation on her podcast on March 23, 2022

Deb is raising two kids and she recently celebrated a milestone anniversary with her husband. She shared about the joys she is having in all of that and her gratitude for sobriety. You can follow her on Instagram @alcoholtippingpoint and check out her podcast. Her energy and spirit are infectious.

Last but not least I spent time with Jen Kautsch from Sober Sis. Jen was featured on the Confident Sober Women podcast on Episode 32 on May 5, 2021. Since then Jen has hit a milestone birthday and is truly coming into her own at 5 years sober! She is building her business helping sober curious women practice not drinking. She shares how being emotionally available has been such a blessing for her adult children.

Jen offers a 21-day reset, workshops and she has MERCH! Jen is writing her first book and is planning her first live even

Oh, and by the way, if you didn’t know, I have an awesome course called Creating Healthy Boundaries; it's affordable, easy to follow, and will make a big difference in how you feel. Check it out here.

If you aren't part of the Confident Sober Women Facebook group, it's a great place to be. There are over a thousand other sober women there building lives they don't want to escape from. Come on over and join us.

And if you haven't read my memoir, grab a copy today and maybe a second one for a friend. There is so much hope in recovery, and I shared my story so raw and vulnerably so that others would know they aren't alone and that there is a way to live well, manage relationships, parent your kids, and have a healthy body, all while staying sober. Grab a copy of Recovering in Recovery: The Life-Changing Joy of Sobriety wherever books are sold.