Confident Sober Women

Self Acceptance and Personal Identity w/Lindsay Sutherland Boal

November 01, 2022 Shelby Episode 101
Confident Sober Women
Self Acceptance and Personal Identity w/Lindsay Sutherland Boal
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Show Notes

Lindsay Sutherland Boal is an actress. opera singer, long distance runner, certified life coach and founder of She Walks Canada, and podcast host of The Covid Chronicles Canada. Lindsay tried to get sober six times before she was successful--namely because she didn't know what her recovery options were. She shares what finally saved her was confiding in a group of women on the same path as her, as well as simply walking!

We discuss the lies that she believed about herself in active addiction, and how trauma makes us believe these things that are not true about ourselves. We also talk about relationships and the part we play in marital or partnership issues. Lindsay shares how she has changed the ways she shows up in the world since becoming sober.

Lindsay and I talk about the openness and empathy of the next generation and all of the positive changes that we hope continue to come in the future world because of it. We also discuss self-awareness, recognizing when someone is not benefitting us and being selective with the people we allow into our lives.

Lindsay also shares more about She Walks Canada--the movement to empower women to live the lives that they are meant to live. You can find her on her website

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