Confident Sober Women

Navigating the Challenges of Sober Parenting with Bestselling Author Amy Liz Harrison

April 11, 2023 Shelby Episode 116
Confident Sober Women
Navigating the Challenges of Sober Parenting with Bestselling Author Amy Liz Harrison
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Show Notes

In this episode, I have a heart-to-heart conversation with the incredible Amy Liz Harrison, bestselling author, 12-step coach, recovery/mental health advocate, and founder of A-Team Press. Tune in as we discuss the challenges of parenting sober, especially when our kids reach the drinking age, and how to navigate these testing waters with strength and resilience. 


  • Amy shares her personal journey to sobriety and how it inspired her books, "Eternally Expecting" and "Eternally Awkward."
  • Parenting sober: challenges and triumphs
  • The importance of being honest and real with our children about our past experiences
  • Strategies for supporting our children as they navigate their own paths
  • How to handle the fear and anxiety of watching our kids walk down the path we once struggled with

Don't miss this powerful conversation with Amy Liz Harrison as we delve into the realities of parenting sober, and the strategies to help our children navigate their own paths with resilience and wisdom. Subscribe and tune in now! 


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