Confident Sober Women

Empowering Sober Women in Business: From Recovery to Entrepreneurial Success with Courtney Anderson

April 25, 2023 Shelby John / Courtney Anderson Episode 118
Confident Sober Women
Empowering Sober Women in Business: From Recovery to Entrepreneurial Success with Courtney Anderson
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Show Notes

In today's episode, I am take a unique twist and shine the spotlight on the inspiring journeys of women in the recovery world who've not only embraced sobriety but also leveraged the tools and skills they've gained during their recovery journey to establish flourishing businesses. 

My first guest is my friend Courtney Anderson, a sober coach, podcast host, the founder of National Sober Day (September 14), and the creator of Sober Vibes, and online community for recovery and sober-curious women of all ages. Courtney shares her insights on building a thriving community and the importance of showing up consistently, even on days when things don't seem to be working out.


  • The transformative power of recovery: Learn how the tools and skills developed during recovery can be channeled into building a successful business.
  • Evolution of passions and ideas: Discover how initial business ideas often evolve into something entirely different and more aligned with one's true purpose.
  • The importance of consistency: How showing up everyday, regardless of the circumstances leads to success.
  • Navigating the highs and lows of entrepreneurship: Learn valuable lessons on adapting to the ups and downs of running a business.
  • Boundaries in business: Understand the significance of setting boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


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