Confident Sober Women

Healing from Within: Embracing Holistic Wellness with Mayara Souza

June 13, 2023 Shelby Episode 125
Confident Sober Women
Healing from Within: Embracing Holistic Wellness with Mayara Souza
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Show Notes

In today's episode, I am thrilled to introduce my guest, Mayara Souza, a certified sound therapist and holistic wellness practitioner. Mayara's unique approach empowers individuals to achieve deep relaxation, overcome emotional blocks, and unleash their body's innate healing capabilities. Get ready to be captivated by her fascinating journey, as she shares her insights on bridging cultural gaps, the transformative power of plant medicine, and the importance of letting go of victimhood mentality.


  • Unleashing the Power of Sound Therapy
  • Cultural Perspectives on Wellness
  • Embracing Plant Medicine for Sobriety
  • Unlocking the Body's Innate Healing Potential
  • Shedding the Victimhood Mentality


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