Confident Sober Women

Relax on Impact: A small whisper became the loudest w/Jill Haire-Constantini

July 18, 2023 Shelby Episode 128
Confident Sober Women
Relax on Impact: A small whisper became the loudest w/Jill Haire-Constantini
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Show Notes

Jill Haire-Constantini and I are both therapists and entrepreneurs.  We sit down for an intimate look at her terribly unhealthy relationships for years. She got sober, went back to school, and got her divorce and her bachelor’s degree on the same day.

Jill had a defining moment while in the midst of a car accident when she heard a voice “Relax on Impact” which later became the title of her book. 

Sobriety afforded Jill the opportunity to not only reclaim her life but become an author, therapist, and coach.

Jill shares the connection she made between her growing-up years and her pattern of unhealthy relationships. She found herself and her other half through extensive trauma therapy and building emotional sobriety.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to help so many others with her program, to heal their past and build healthy relationships. 

We shared the process of writing our books and our passion for bringing hope and relatability to as many women as possible.

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Oh, and by the way, if you didn’t know, my program Sober Freedom Transformation is now open! It is for women who have been sober for a year to many and are ready to discover who they want to be in long term sobreity, develop confidence and improve their relationships.

If you aren't part of the Confident Sober Women Facebook group, it's a great place to be. There are over a thousand other sober women there building lives they don't want to escape from. Come on over and join us.

And if you haven't read my memoir, grab a copy today and maybe a second one for a friend. There is so much hope in recovery, and I shared my story so raw and vulnerably so that others would know they aren't alone and that there is a way to live well, manage relationships, parent your kids, and have a healthy body, all while staying sober. Grab a copy of Recovering in Recovery: The Life-Changing Joy of Sobriety wherever books are sold.