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Shattered To The Core: When Sobriety Is The Solution w/Valerie J Walsh

August 01, 2023 Shelby Episode 129
Confident Sober Women
Shattered To The Core: When Sobriety Is The Solution w/Valerie J Walsh
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Show Notes

Valier J Walsh is the author of Shattered to the Core, a memoir.  Valerie shares how through a tremendous amount of adversity she was searching for a solution. She tried it all and what she realized was what she needed to reach for was sobriety. 

Valerie wasn’t an athlete as a young person but now has a health and fitness career. She discovered the beauty around her when she started running and it stuck. She also needed an outlet and physical activity became her thing. 

We talked about our journeys into the fitness world and its correlation to recovery. Valerie wants movement to be accessible to all people and refers to it as functional training. I love that language. We break down the barriers of our negative thinking patterns and how that helps to make actual sustainable change. 

Valerie shares that her general philosophy on nutrition is talking yourself through it. Similar to when we were getting sober, thinking it all the way through. So practical.

You can find Valerie on her website, Facebook group Core Method or on Instagram @valeriejwalsh.

Mentioned in the episode:
Martin Rooney creator of Training for Warriors

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