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Stop Teen Addiction Before It Starts w/Gayani DeSilva

August 08, 2023 Shelby Episode 130
Confident Sober Women
Stop Teen Addiction Before It Starts w/Gayani DeSilva
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Show Notes

Gayani is a psychiatrist who specializes in educating parents and teens about addiction specifically about prevention and the author of A Psychiatrist Guide: Stop Teen Addiction Before It Starts.

Gayani has had many clients die from addiction, and she recognized the difficulty it takes to get into recovery and the support that is necessary. In doing her research she noticed there was a lot of content about how to treat addiction but felt there was nothing regarding preventing addiction.

We talk about the power of EMDR therapy and trauma work which is critical for healing the brain and reducing the desire for people to use substances to escape life. 

Substances actually stop the development of the brain. Things like marijuana use will stop the brain development and you don’t catch up. You can't get that back. 

Gayani is a huge promoter of learning how to deal with things like anxiety without the use of highly addictive substances. It is such a big risk. 

Help them learn to delay their gratification, to self-soothe when they can’t/don’t get what they want, to manage their uncomfortable feelings. They don’t have to satisfy those feelings right away, they can live with it, sit with it, distract themselves etc. They do change and the feelings will go away.

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