Confident Sober Women

The Crisis Of Home Safety Impacts All Of Us w/Sabrina Osso

August 22, 2023 Shelby Episode 131
Confident Sober Women
The Crisis Of Home Safety Impacts All Of Us w/Sabrina Osso
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Show Notes

Osso Safe was born out of pain. They want to turn pain into power. She believes safety is a critical component of living well. And if you are a survivor your one job is to not repeat it. 

Your home is like an umbrella. If the home is not safe then you are dealing with things like trafficking, sexual abuse, school bullying, public violence, and addiction. 

Like Sabrina says, we go towards what we are used to even if it's bad. 

Osso safe is changing systems, and saving lives. They are working with the real estate industry where safety becomes a required standard of residence. They are also working to create a space where children have a say in where they live. 

Impacting the world of addiction by making the home safe.

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