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Humans Are Pack Animals With Sophisticated Brains w/Beth Anstandig

August 29, 2023 Shelby Episode 132
Confident Sober Women
Humans Are Pack Animals With Sophisticated Brains w/Beth Anstandig
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Show Notes

Beth Anstandig was a sensitive kid. She realized young that the world had a lot of chaos that she did not understand so she gravitated toward her animals.  They were so different than the humans. 

We tell stories about how the loneliness of the human experience can feel socially immature, especially for moms. 

Beth talks about the self-care that is necessary to meet our needs. We first have to recognize what those needs are, and then share those with the people closest to us. 

This is a direct contrast to the animal world because they are giving their young feedback about how to behave including learning to listen to other people's needs. 

We overuse the term self-care so often in our society but what we are really talking about are needs. 

We are no different than pack animals we just think we are and our sophisticated brains allow us to talk ourselves out of our own needs 

We are not supporting parents the way we should in our society.  We talked about making the choice to take jobs far away from family and community to raise their kids.

We can convince ourselves that we don’t have a choice but we do.  Creating a community of support with people who can meet my needs is self-care.   “What are the resources I need to be a mammal in balance."

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