Confident Sober Women

She Focused On The "One Thing" Of Stopping Drinking [Part 1] w/Dr. Brooke Scheller

September 12, 2023 Shelby Episode 134
Confident Sober Women
She Focused On The "One Thing" Of Stopping Drinking [Part 1] w/Dr. Brooke Scheller
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Show Notes

Dr. Brooke Scheller was a heavy drinker for years as she earned a master's degree and a doctorate in the wellness field. She loves to use her functional medicine training to help people solve the “mysteries” of what’s wrong with them. 

Because of her background in health and wellness, Brooke knew she was living a double life, yet she couldn’t stop.

She helps her client focus on “the one thing” of stopping drinking in order to change everything. She shares how just doing this one thing made such a big difference for her and of course for so many others. 

We talk about creating sustainable success in health by taking baby steps consistently every day to create huge change. 

We end of this first episode by discussing learning how to manage your blood sugar when it comes to changing your diet when you are alcohol-free. You are less likely to grab a drink when your blood sugar is balanced. We will pick up right there next week.

Be sure to listen to the next part as this conversation is packed with so much goodness when it comes to our health.

You can grab her book How To Eat To Change How You Drink on her website. 

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