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Always Tune Into Yourself And Speak Up This Holiday Season w/Heather Lowe

November 21, 2023 Shelby Episode 148
Confident Sober Women
Always Tune Into Yourself And Speak Up This Holiday Season w/Heather Lowe
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Show Notes

Do you have a plan for sober success this holiday season? We know that preparation is the key to success in all things and this time of year is no exception. 

Heather Lowe shares some amazing insight into how to manage work environments as well as family situations where drinking is a main event. 

The facts are 1/3 of the population doesn’t want at all but we are put in situations when we feel pressure to drink. So asking for them to provide alcohol free options that aren’t simply soda or water can be very supportive. 

Heather challenges all of us on a long term recovery journey to speak up if we can about having options that allow us to feel comfortable.

We also share about incorporating boundaries so you can have a more joy filled season doing the things the way you want to. Making a plan ahead of time for what events you will attend, how long you will stay and who will go with you.

Tuning in and doing what’s right for you whether or not anyone agrees is important. Be prepared to disappoint others but you have to stop abandoning yourself.

Heather Lowe is the Founder of Ditched the Drink, a wellness company dedicated to helping professionals drink less before it gets worse. Heather is a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, Certified Addiction Awareness Facilitator, and the Director of Marketing Consumer Products for the International Center of Addiction Recovery Education (ICARE). She received The Top Sober Coach Award from Coach Foundation, 2023.

You can find more information about Heather and be in touch at her website and @ditchedthedrink on Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIN, Pinterest

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